Posted by: Meghan | May 7, 2010

May 7, 2010

Internet is down at the apartment so this post comes to you entirely via Blackberry, and being as such it’s just a short little scribbling my mind came up with as I listened to the storm outside my window.

Stormy Thoughts

The sounds of rain, and thunder…
The flash of lightning, the roaring crack.
How they carry out across empty spaces and
Fills the gaps between.
You can’t run from nature, no
You can’t hide from storms.

What’s to be afraid of, really?
Safe inside with windows closed
Now that’s an okay place to be.
And even out there, chasing storms,
Well, excitement’s made from something.

Are you frightened of the thunder?
Do you lie curled up in bed?
Come out from your hiding place and look,
See nature living?

Somewhere in quiet spaces,
Someplace no one sees
There’s thunder out there rumbling
Ancient promises, I believe.



  1. I am not afraid of thunder,
    but I do lay curled up in bed.
    Nature can suck it.

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