Posted by: Meghan | May 14, 2010

May 14, 2010

I keep thinking that today is April 15th instead of May 14. At work I kept writing 4/15 instead of 5/14… weird. But it’s May and not April and thank goodness for that. 🙂

Today I have something exciting to introduce! I call it…


Yes, with 4 exclamation points. And yes, I may have borrowed the title from a local radio station but oh well. I like it.

So, what is Feature Artist Friday!!!!? You ask.

Feature Artist Friday is an idea that actually stemmed from something that my friend Nicole said to me earlier this week. She told me: “I saw a whole bunch of umbrellas in the lobby of work and I thought of you and how cool a picture it would make for your blog.” And it got me thinking. What if there was a way for my readers to semi-regularly share some of their photos, poems, stories, artwork, etc.? And then I thought: FEATURE ARTIST FRIDAY!

No, it’s not just so I can get a free day every Friday, because obviously if no one submits anything then I won’t have an artist to feature. I just thought it would be a fun idea to show off other people’s work and maybe inspire others to get out there and be creative!

My blog was started in order to motivate myself to get out there and be creative, so I want to pass along a small challenge to any of my creative or potentially-creative readers out there to CREATE SOMETHING.  Anything creative will do. A song, a poem, a drawing, a painting, a comic, a photograph, a story, an essay, or any combination of those! 🙂 I know I personally only post stories, poems and pictures, but I definitely welcome other creative outlets. I only post what I do because that’s where my skills are, I would LOVE to feature people with different skills, and those people with the same skills as well. It doesn’t matter! That’s the beauty of creativity.

Here are the “rules” for submissions:

  • Family-friendly submissions only (Some creative liberties given on stories/poems as to topic matters, but that will be at my discretion.)
  • Email submissions to with the subject “FAF Submission” -If you don’t include this, I may not ever see your submission, so make sure to do it if you want to be featured. 🙂
  • In each email submission, add your submission as an attachment.
  • Include a “blurb” about your submission. Maybe, why you created it/how you were inspired, where you took it (for photos), and anything else you want to share about your creative piece.
  • Include a “blurb” about yourself. Just a few sentences introducing yourself. Maybe saying the state/city you’re from, first name (or nickname you’d want to be known by), when you started creating things, etc. It’s up to you. I might not include everything but at least a few words about yourself, please.
  • You can submit as many entries as you want, as many times as you want, for as long as you want to keep submitting. Just please make sure each submission has their own email!

**Please note that even if you submit something to me, it might not be featured right away. While I want to feature as many people as possible, I may not pick submissions in order of their submission dates. So don’t worry if you submit something to me on Thursday and don’t see it featured for the next two Fridays. It’s okay! I don’t know how many submissions I will get but things might get backed-up since EVERYONE can submit any day of the week, any time, and I only can feature ONE person ONCE a week. It will be great to have a large pool of submissions to choose from every week and it will be more of a surprise to you when you do get featured. 🙂

So, for this, VERY FIRST Feature Artist Friday:

Today comes a submission (well, actually I asked him if I could share something of his) from Bryan! Bryan was nice enough to plug my blog in his blog the other day and I was really appreciative for his support and kind words.

I wanted to feature Bryan as our very FIRST artist because he was someone who in a way inspired me to start this blog and continually encourages me. He also takes awesome pictures! So I thought I would share this one with everyone today.


This photo was taken behind Bryan’s house one day. He says, “I wish there was more of a commentary but I just went for a walk and started taking pictures. Abstract pictures of nature are very intriguing to me so that motivated the style of my photo.”

Bryan lives in San Luis Obispo, California where he is an Aerospace Engineering graduate student.

Personally, I love this picture for the very unique point of view and perspective it offers on nature, the awesome lighting and the colors. I think he did a spectacular job of capturing something really simple and making it into something really cool. It made me think about how many different ways there are to look at simple objects and how I might be able to make them stand out in my own photography. I think it’s just great! Keep up the good work. 🙂

Well, this concludes today’s very first FEATURE ARTIST FRIDAY!!!! I can’t wait to read/view your submissions!

Get out there, and get creative! 😀



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