Posted by: Meghan | June 22, 2010

June 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME! (Sorry if that’s a little ego-centric (I almost wrote eco-centric, that would be a lot different)).

Also a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Best Birthday Buddy – Nick! đŸ˜€

Yes, this post is back-dated, but June 19, 2010 marks the day I turned 21! Wow. I’m old. And Nicky turned 18 – A real adult! (kinda)! *gasp* …the world is changing. I think what’s more shocking than me turning 21 is Nicky turning 18. I swear he’s still 10 (in a good way).

Yes, I had a good birthday, thanks for asking. I spent the day with good friends and had some good times. Patrick and I walked around downtown Ann Arbor getting free birthday stuff (food stuffs mostly, all the best ever in their own special way) and going into random stores as our whims led us to. Dinner at the house with roommates (Katie & Katie) and friends of roommates and Patrick with my first Margarita. An afternoon/evening with some sporadic Just Dance and Super Mario Brothers on the Wii and Patrick doing the dishes. An ATTIC ADVENTURE! Which makes it sound more exciting than it ended up being but it was a little bit treacherous still. Night out at the bar with Katie ‘n Kaite, Patrick, Clark and Valerie. Made friends with the bartender (Sam) and had a “Chocolate Pretzel” with him. Had a fun time. Made some memories. Came home and Slept. Felt A-OK fine in the morning and remembered everything. Yay birthday!

(my birthday cake with free candles I got on the b-day tour of AA)


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