Posted by: Meghan | June 24, 2010

June 24, 2010

I could write a story about airports for no good reason. It would be pretty easy because there is so much that goes on in an airport without always having any sort of logical reason.

I’m traveling.

My flight got delayed.

I walked all the way to one end of the airport from my gate (about 40 gates) so I could eat Quizznos for dinner. I paid ten bucks so I could have a mediocre sandwich, a watery cup of soup and some Pepsi. I walked past a sit down place on the way and thought, “$10 is kinda expensive for a burger” and kept walking. – probably should have stopped.

The terminal is so big they have an “express train” from one end to the other. I rode it from the far end I was at (gate 1) to the other side of the airport (gate 70-something) so I could waste some time. Then I walked back to my gate (about 40 gates). It didn’t take nearly as much time as I had hoped.

I saw a lady charging her phone in the bathroom. She was just standing there. Charging her phone.

There is a hotel connected to the terminal. It’s right across from my gate and it looks pretty nice. But who would care if an airport hotel was nice? The airport never really struck me as a destination get away.

I bought a bottle of water for $2.99 because it was only $0.60 more expensive than the next size down and looked a lot bigger so it seemed like a really good deal. It probably wasn’t. I doubt I will even finish the whole thing.

I thought about stopping somewhere and having a beer. I didn’t really want one but I just thought about how I could do that now if I wanted. But I didn’t want to.

When I was in the bathroom I thought I heard monkeys. I thought “maybe they’re trying to make it a rain forest-type atmosphere in here.” Then later I went to sit down in the gate and saw bird poop on a chair under a tree. I guess the monkeys were really birds. How sucky would it be to get pooped on by a bird… Indoors? There’s not too many places that could happen, but I guess the Detroit airport terminal is one of them.

One of the most awkward things in life is quite possibly that tension that happens when you sit directly across from someone in the airport waiting area. Or directly next to them when there are lots of open seats. But I could be wrong.

I told my mom I wanted to sleep on the plane but I was in the middle row. She suggested I buy a neck pillow and told me that they really work. I considered it for a minute but decided not to do it. It’s not that I believe they don’t work. It’s just that I didn’t really have hands to carry it and I believe that if I walked around with it on my neck, I would look like a dork.

When an airport is so big the cops get to ride bicycles inside. That’s pretty cool. What’s funny is their bike helmets.



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