Posted by: Meghan | July 18, 2010

July 18, 2010

Today, I am introducing something new to my blog. This idea came from a link that I just recently saw on P-Dawg’s blog, “alis grave nil,” Which came from a different blog she must read called “making things up” where each Friday is a “six words fridays.” *Whew* long story. I hope the author of “making things up” doesn’t mind me borrowing her prompts for what I am introducing today which is…


Where I will use her prompts from Friday to inspire me to write something on Sunday.

Basically how it works over on “making things up” is that every Friday there is a new topic. “You write six words on that topic, as many times as you like. Some write several six word sentences; theres write poems with six words per line. Any of those will work. We’re flexible.” -Author of “making things up.”

So I’m going to try it out. Since I’ve been lacking motivation as of late, I think having a prompt to fulfill will be a good thing for my muse. Thus is born SIX WORDS SUNDAY!

This weekend, the prompt was “You.” View an example or two of “you” over at “six word fridays: you.” And keep reading for my own interpretation of the prompt.


You walk into the room quietly

but you don’t look at me.

Time has you locked in place

With fairest gaze–you are beautiful.

I think I’ll die, you know,

If ever I could hold you.

You look right through me easily

and care but not for me.

I had you once, remember that?

Now simply invisible, we are alone.

Perhaps again, one day we’ll meet.

Perhaps that day will somehow come.

Perhaps I’ll hold you again someday.

You walk into the room quietly

Unseeing of what I do see,

What I would give to you

If you would look at me.



  1. Who knows what the future holds…
    Perhaps you’ll meet sooner than expected.

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