Posted by: Meghan | October 7, 2010

October 6, 2010

Okay, Six Words Wednesday today (instead of Sunday!): For the Record

This is what I would consider to be a “non-fiction” poem. The prompt this week really gave me the inspiration to get my thoughts on some pertinent current events written down.

I only ask you to keep in mind the following as you read the poem. I feel like it will maybe give you a little more insight to what I’m trying to say.

In the past few weeks, the gay community has been getting a lot of media coverage in regards to all of the gay-teen related suicides  that have happened in the past month and the school bullying that goes hand in hand. Some say it is an “epidemic” a “crisis” but do you really think that this hasn’t been happening for decades? The fact that kids are taking their lives over all this is something that we as a greater society should be ashamed of. We have the power to stop this. But so many schools, teachers, parents, and community members decide to look the other way when a kid is being bullied because of his or her orientation or perceived orientation. Youth should be protected–no matter who they are! Everyone has the right to feel safe at his or her own school, and within their own community. This is something that is truly unacceptable on our parts.  I want to do something to reach out to all those who feel they are alone. I want to show them that it’s okay to be who you are! and that there are people who love you for you!


For the Record

Too many thoughts on my mind,

not all good, not all bad.

Thoughts that push me to reflection,

make me think about self, world.


I come to a few conclusions:


The world can be dark sometimes,

but life always does get better!


I am myself, always will be.

I have power over my attitudes,

and I promise to be proud

of myself and also of others.


No matter what the world says,

I am resilient and deserve happiness.

I am brave. I’ll stand up,

and stand strong, and reach out.


I am not less than others.

I am far from being worthless.


I won’t be scared into hiding

by those who don’t see us

as human beings just like them.

I promise to show they’re wrong.


I have a claim to, and

have a right to be myself.


So put this in the record

because I am worthy of love,

and I am worthy of hope,

and of friends and of dreams.


And for those who think different,

you are wrong, oh so wrong.


And listen, please, those like me.

Maybe you feel alone these days,

you don’t need to feel it,

you don’t need to listen to

people who can’t really see you.

There is more in the future

There is better on the horizon.

There is me, there are more

and we love you for you.


So stand strong, and stand brave.

Promise to be proud of yourself.





  1. We are all worthy of these–
    of hope, and love, friends, dreams.

    We are all worthy of protection.

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