Posted by: Meghan | December 11, 2010

December 10, 2010

It’s Feature Artist Friday!

This week’s submission comes to us by an author who recently told me that they were inspired by my blog to write their own poem. Hearing that just makes me happy. I was surprised to learn that what I’m doing here has in some way inspired even just one person to do their own thing. I never really thought that would be one of the outcomes of this blog when it started because I always thought of this as a personal thing. However, hearing it makes me think kind of differently about it and I that’s kinda cool.

So, to that person, I appreciate you telling me about all that and deciding to share this poem with me and all the other blog readers. It makes me want to keep doing this.

The author this week wishes to remain anonymous (and I totally respect that), however I can tell you that they are an awesome person who is doing awesome things with their life. They even said that if I didn’t want to I didn’t have to post up their submission, but I enjoy this poem so much that I most definitely find it “blog worthy” and I hope all you will think so too.

And if you don’t? Then too bad, because this is my blog and not yours and so I get to post what I wanna. And sometimes I get to sound like a 6 year old and you just have to live with it.

Anyway, please enjoy this poem being featured this week by a friend of mine who is awesome enough to share.


You’re a liar,
a fake, a fraud, and a thief.
Just be true to yourself.
But you can’t.
Why not?
What’s to lose?
All to gain.
What will they say?
But the world will shatter,
Will it?
How so?
Don’t confess to anyone,
keep it in,
let it eat you alive,
and see what happens.
You two-faced,
personality thief,
fake lover,
you liar.


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