Posted by: Meghan | March 2, 2011

March 2, 2011


We lay next to each other on our sides
arms curled into ourselves
knees pulled up to our chests
we mirror each other.

I see myself reflected in your eyes,
you blink, and for a moment I’m gone.
Your eyes reopen after a single heartbeat
and I’m there again.

Can you see yourself reflected in mine?

I want to see myself how you see me.
To know how I can be so strong for you,
to understand what you understand about me–
the things that I don’t understand about myself.

Can you see yourself the way I see you?

Do you know how I look up to you?
All the ways I respect and value you?
How I find your mind brilliant and fascinating
like an intricate piece of music, deep and layered.

We stare. We don’t move. We don’t speak.
I watch myself disappear, reappear, disappear…
I wonder who I am to you, what I look like.
Eyes so deep–I might get lost in them.

Moments stretch for days but we don’t look away.
Unsaid words are somehow understood,
unarticulated thoughts–unraveled.
We become aware of the other.

You wipe a tear from my eye and I blink.
You disappear. Reappear again.
Hearts beating in unison for only a moment–
we mirror one another.


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