I’ve always wanted a blog. In fact, I’ve started at least two of them on separate occasions. However, lack of interest from others and lack of interest on my part caused them to quietly and anti-climatically fade away. I could write about my life, I could write about what happens to me on a day-to-day basis, the places I go, people I see or things I think about, but all that stuff can get a little boring to read and honestly for me, it gets boring to write.

Other people have told me that I have a gift for words and also for photography. I don’t know for sure how good I am with either one, but I can tell you that both words and photography are outlets of expression that I throughly enjoy.

When I was thinking of starting another blog, I decided that I could try writing about my life in whatever witty way I decided to spin things to get people’s attention, I could comment on my thoughts, events of the day or my opinions on political and social happenings. I could have done any of that, and fairly easily, I’m sure. But I felt like eventually all of those topics would bore me and I would lose interest in my own writing. I felt like a blog on any of those topics would slowly fizzle out like it’s predecessors.

So instead, I decided I was going to make a blog that I could use as a creative outlet for myself. I figure that it will be more interesting for me to write–instead of trying to recount every waking moment of my already lived day, it will allow me the chance to escape to different places and explore new ideas or even just explore happenings of my  life in a different way (if that makes any sense at all). I figure it will be a bit more interesting for other people to read as well. At least, that’s the hope.

I encourage you to stick around, read some stuff, view some pictures, or whatever. Leave me a comment just to say hey, to say you think I’m talented, to say you think I need to work on my sentence structure, to tell me you like my photography, to tell me your blind 90-year-old grandma could take a better picture, or just to let me know that you’re reading.

Be sure to check back everyday. The goal is to have a picture, poem or story of the day–everyday, for as many days as inspiration allows.





  1. Yay! We both have blogs now. You do have a way of writing I can already see. That is something I do not have I think. I look forward to your stories!

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